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Sigura is a world leader in providing innovative antimicrobial agents for a wide variety of industries, including food and beverage production, pulp and papermaking, and heavy, light, and commercial industries who operate cooling towers. We excel in providing solutions to help protect our customers’ products and sanitize key processes, often resulting in greater efficiencies, cost-effectiveness and higher product quality.

Industries are reusing their process and cooling water at an ever-increasing rate. Although this is positive from a conservation standpoint, increasing cycles of water reuse can also shape a perfect environment for microorganisms to thrive, microorganisms that can greatly reduce system efficiencies, product quality, and create health and safety concerns.  

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Our products are used to control the growth of microorganisms. As a leader in solid bromine and chlorine-based biocides, Sigura Industrial offers cost-effective alternatives to liquid and gas chlorine choices with outstanding performance along with improved handling, storage, and stability benefits. Plus, our wide selection of specialty nitrogen-based algaecides and other non-oxidizing biocides enable customers to select the most appropriate technology to create a treatment program tailored to their specific application. Sigura’s extensive portfolio of microbiocidal technologies provides our customers with a full array of customizable solutions to meet unique water treatment needs.

We are dedicated to establishing and maintaining trusted customer relationships while offering innovative and simple, intuitive solutions that anticipate your needs.  Contact us today, and learn more about the products, application knowledge, and dedication of Sigura Industrial.