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It’s a new era in water treatment, and managing risks to your cooling tower water has never been more critical. With more than 90 years of experience in industrial water treatment, Sigura™ is a leading specialty chemical manufacturer and supplier to the global water treatment market — known for our reliability, innovation and leading solutions.

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Next generation erosion feeder for cooling tower water treatment applications.

Designed for cooling tower water treatment, the DryTec® IC5 Feeder featuring EPA-registered DryTec® FG Briquettes, provides reliable chlorine solutions. Briquettes are formulated with a scale inhibitor, making them the convenient, easy-to-use solution for treatment of water used in cooling tower water applications.

  • High Strength 65% minumum AvCI
  • Reduced shipping and handling costs compared to liquid bleach
  • Minimal operator dosage adjustment
  • Dry, easy to handle product
Drytec Ic5 Feeder
Aphelion Stabilizer Non-Biocidal Halogen Stabilizer

Patented non-biocidal halogen stabilizer designed to optimize the availability of active chlorine.

Maximizing cooling tower cycles of concentration offers many benefits that help reduce water consumption and minimize waste generation for large industrial users and power generators. However, increased cycles can also shape a perfect environment for microorganisms to thrive, which can greatly reduce system efficiencies and create health and safety concerns.

Upgrading bleach systems with Aphelion is simple and delivers major operational benefits:

  • Improves biocidal efficiency of halogens
  • Reduces environmental footprint
  • Protects infrastructure by reducing corrosion rates
  • Lowers total cost of operation
Figure 1 - Equinox Chemical Structure

Not for sale in the following states; California, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, Wyoming. Please contact us for details.

Dontobrom Rw Broad Spectrum Bactericide

A cost-effective broad spectrum bactericide, fungicide, algaecide and molluscicide.

Dantobrom® RW is a unique, solid bromine-based biocide that provides a controlled release of active bromine and chlorine. In addition, Dantobrom® RW provides the benefits of bromine and has higher total halogen with greater solubility than other solid, bromine biocides, such as BCDMH.

  • Improves biofilm control
  • Maximizes biocide performance
  • Easy to handle solid product form

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