A More Cost-Effective Microbial Control Program

A Solid Bromine Biocide for Cost-effective Microbial Control

  • Efficacious to 8.5 pH

  • Maximizes biocide performance

  • Low corrosivity

Dantobrom® RW is a cost-effective broad spectrum bactericide, fungicide, algaecide and molluscicide for a variety of industrial applications.

Dantobrom® RW is a unique, solid bromine-based biocide that provides a controlled release of active bromine and chlorine. In addition, Dantobrom® RW provides the benefits of bromine and has higher total halogen with greater solubility than other solid, bromine biocides, such as BCDMH.

Dantobrom® RW is EPA registered to control bacterial, fungal, and algal slimes in a wide variety of water systems, including recirculating and once-through fresh and salt water systems, evaporative condensers, influent systems, industrial wet scrubber systems, sewage systems, auxiliary water systems, air washers, and brewery pasteurizers. Dantobrom® RW is also EPA registered for use as a slimicide in the manufacture of food and non-food grades of paper and paperboard.

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