Water treatment solutions for irrigation water and post harvest produce water applications

Irrigation Support

Irrigation Water Treatment

From the moment seedlings are planted they require great care and attention. A way to provide such care is through utilizing a food-contact approved disinfectant allowing “more crop per drop”.

These disinfectants are an effective means to control harmful bacteria in water systems and fungi on produce that contaminate and destroy crops. When adding them into the irrigation water, our disinfectants reduce contamination and help in preserving the quality of the produce. 

Post Harvest

Ensuring fruits and vegetables are fit for consumption once they have been harvested is essential. Our product solutions can also be used for the disinfection of water that come into contact with foodstuff during processing, eliminating micro-organisms and promoting overall sanitation.

Process water used during post-harvest operations is a source of microbiology, which decays the produce and can adversely affect human health. Through treatment of post-harvest water with an effective disinfectant, unwanted micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi are controlled, which can help reduce yield losses through shelf-life extension, and aid in cost-savings.


Post Harvest Support