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Treatment solutions for cooling tower applications

Biofilm control is critical to the efficient operation and safety of cooling towers. Biofilms are extremely complex ecosystems and can produce rapidly in the system, blocking free water flow and significantly reducing water quality.  Areas of slow water flow and stagnation encourage biofilm formation, especially on condensers and on cooling surfaces of recirculating systems.

Fouling of cooling towers by microbiological growth can lead to operational issues such as increased corrosion and decreased heat transfer efficiency. More importantly, some microorganisms, such as Legionella, often find a safe haven in biofilm, and are pathogenic and known to cause disease outbreaks.

Prevent And Destroy Biofilm

The use of biocides and associated chemical technologies such as halogen stabilizers, algaecides and fungicides to maintain system cleanliness and achieve associated production efficiency gains is highly critical.   Solenis offers cooling tower operators a number of chemical technologies specifically designed for controlling microorganisms to maintain system cleanliness, achieve associated production efficiency gains, and used as part of overall Legionella control programs.

With our wide array of water treatment solutions, operators can choose the best fit for their specific system and treatment program objectives. Our Dantobrom® RW oxidizing biocide, for example, based on halohydantoin technology, provides the benefit of solid bromine while having a significantly higher total halogen content with greater solubility than other solid bromine biocides.  Our DryTec® biocide is a highly concentrated form of chlorine that effectively kills bacteria, controls algae and removes organic contaminants from cooling tower systems.  In addition, our organic biocide Bardac® LF provides effective biocidal action against a broad spectrum of microbial organisms.

Aphelion™ Stabilizer Hydantoin Technology — increasing the lifetime of active chlorine

Our Aphelion™ Stabilizer was developed to achieve the advantages of oxidants in high demand applications such cooling towers. It converts free chlorine to stabilized chlorine, effectively increasing the lifetime of active chlorine in the presence of organic components and contaminants. With Aphelion™ stabilizer as part of a water chemistry program, our customers can better do what they need to do – prevent and destroy biofilm.

With a well-established and well-maintained water chemistry program using innovative Solenis products, bacterial counts are reduced, with a subsequent minimization or elimination of biofilm buildup on heat exchanger surfaces. The often-resulting reduction in energy use, increased cooling tower operating efficiency and reduced maintenance, can provide significant cost savings as well as environmental benefit and regulatory compliance with respect to discharge of wastewater from blow down.

By controlling and limiting microbiological fouling, cooling tower performance is significantly improved, resulting in:

  • Increased overall efficiencies
  • Limited loss of heat transfer
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced power costs
  • Equipment repair or replacement cost savings, lending to a reduction in shutdowns

Cooling Water Microbiocide Solutions:

Product Name
Chemistry Family
Control bacteria, fungi and algal slimes in cooling water systems.
Low foam, anionic compatible broad spectrum algaecide. Compatible with traced systems.
Quaternary ammonium compound
Halogen stabilizer that enhances biofilm control, promotes fast-kill of planktonic bacteria and reduction in corrosion.
Effective on bacteria and fungi in cooling water systems.
Kill bacteria, control algae and remove organic contaminants
Calcium hypochlorite
Provides effective biocidal action against a broad spectrum of microbial organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae.
Quaternary ammonium compound