Bardac® LF

Bardac Lf

Bardac® LF prevents algae growth at low concentrations and regains control of systems where algae have become established.

Bardac® LF is EPA registered for use in both recirculating cooling water systems and decorative fountains.

Algae growth can be difficult to control cost effectively when using oxidizing biocides alone. At typical cooling water treatment concentrations, active bromine and chlorine levels that are sufficient to control bacteria are generally not effective at controlling algae. Bardac® LF is a unique quaternary-based algaecide with two very important differences from traditional alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (ADBAC) and polymeric quaternaries (quats).

Product Benefits

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Outstanding Algae Control at Low Cost

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Compatible with Anionics

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Low Foam

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Broad Spectrum Efficacy

Preventing or eliminating algae growth at cost effective treatment levels is critical to achieve sustainable, economic treatment of water systems. Bardac® LF provides excellent performance at low dosage levels and offers outstanding cost performance compared with other specialty algaecides. Laboratory tests on two common strains of algae found in cooling systems (Chlorella Pyrenoidosa and Scenedesmus Obliquus) demonstrate Bardac® LF cost performance advantages over two competitive specialty algaecides.

Outstanding Algae Control at Low Cost

Traditional and polymeric quat-based algaecides are known to be incompatible with anionic scale and corrosion inhibitors. However, Bardac® LF can be applied with confidence to water systems that use these compounds. Because of its unique chemical structure, Bardac® LF demonstrates minimal interaction with anionic treatment chemicals while retaining the outstanding algaecidal performance of traditional ADBAC quats. In addition, compared to ADBAC quats, Bardac® LF is low foaming. The use of ADBAC algaecides is often limited because of the problems associated with the high foam levels that they can create. Bardac® LF exhibits low levels of fast breaking foam, which allows for application in dynamic systems with high recirculation rates.

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