Barquat® CB Products

Broad-spectrum micro-biocide Effective Microbiocide, Fungicide, Deodorant, Algicide

Barquat® CB is a blend of Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammoniumchlorides. Showing a broad-activity spectrum, Barquat® CB is a micro-biocide, however is less effective as an algaecide and fungicide. Carbon chains (being centred in particular on C12 and C14) offer an interesting profile as a bactericide due to the adsorption of its cationic radical on the anionic bacterial cell surface, leading to the disorganization of the cytoplasmic membrane. 

There are multiple variations available of our Barquat® CB product, find the correct application for you below.


  • Cationic surface-acting agent
  • Fast-acting biocidal agents
  • Moderately long duration of action
  • Various carbon chain lengths
    • Broad spectrum of efficacy (less defined carbon chain range (C8-C18)
    • Greatest biocidal activity associated with the C12 (dodecyl) & C14 (myristil) alkyl derivatives.
  • Commodity (price/registration)
  • Highly foaming
  • Sensitizing potential

Restrictions / Regulatory

Incompatible with anionic detergents. Active substance is being supported under that particular Product Type of the BPR (Biocidal Product Regulation, European Union):

  • PT2 Private area and public health area disinfectants and other biocidal product
  • PT11 Preservatives for liquid-cooling and processing systems
  • PT12 Slimicides

Regulation 1907/2006, article 15(2) Customers must ensure compliance with any local regulatory requirements which may apply to their end use product, formulated with this formulation.