Barquat® DM Products

Algaecide and biocide Effective microbicide, deodorant, and algicide.

Barquat® DM is a grade of Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chlorides acting as an algaecide and biocide. The Barquat® products well-defined carbon chain distribution makes Barquat® DM50 and DM80 products effective for biological corrosion control and for sulphate-reducing bacteria in water systems.

There are variations available for our Barquat® DM product, find the correct application for you below.


  • Cationic surface-acting agent
  • Fast-acting biocidal agents
  • Moderately long duration of action
  • Various carbon chain lengths
    • Broad spectrum of efficacy (less defined carbon chain range (C8-C18)
    • Greatest biocidal activity associated with the C12 (dodecyl) & C14 (myristil) alkyl derivatives.
  • Commodity (price/registration)
  • Highly foaming
  • Sensitizing potential

Restrictions / Regulatory

Incompatible with anionic detergents Active substance is being supported under that particular Product Type of the BPR (Biocidal Product Regulation, European Union): – PT2 Private area and public health area disinfectants and other biocidal product – PT11 Preservatives for liquid-cooling and processing systems – PT12 Slimicides Regulation 1907/2006, article 15(2) Customers must ensure compliance with any local regulatory requirements which may apply to their end use product, formulated with this formulation.