Dantochlor® Products

Part of a total program to manage biofilm

Dantochlor® RW is a halogenated dialkylhydantoin that functions as a microbiocide through the controlled release of active chlorine. Dantochlor® RW is an effective bactericide, fungicide, and algaecide for recirculating and once-through fresh and salt water systems. It is also a slimicide for the manufacture of food and non-food grades of paper and paperboard and for enhanced oil recovery.

Dantochlor® RW is also recommended to control bacterial, fungal, algal slimes in evaporative condensers, recirculating cooling tower systems, influent systems, industrial wet scrubber systems and brewery pasteurizers.

Dantochlor® RW is an effective component of a total program to control biofilm in industrial water systems. Published studies show that the combination of free and combined halogen provided by Dantochlor® RW is more efficacious towards biofilm than either free chlorine or
free bromine alone. The increased stability of the combined halogen in systems with high halogen demand allows greater diffusion into the biofilm without losses due to unwanted side reactions.

Dantochlor® is available in briquette, granular, and powder forms.


  • Improved wet and dry physical stability
  • Increased solubility
  • Higher purity by eliminating binders
  • Reduced dusting
  • Minimal corrosion
  • Minimizes wood delignification
  • Suitable for both slug and continuous feed
  • Compatible with other water treatment additives

Restrictions / Regulatory

Supported through the European Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR) Active Substance Review
Program for the following product type:

  • PT11 (Preservatives for liquid-cooling and processing systems)

Please note: not all applications have been registered for all products in every country. We therefore advise that customers should determine whether the product of interest has the necessary individual country
permission(s) to place onto the market for their considered application.

Sigura representatives can assist you with any inquiries. Since approvals are regularly being gained, we are constantly updating our records. Full, up-to-date information is available on request.

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