DryTec® FG500 Feed System

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The ideal feeder for treatment of process water in produce and irrigation lines

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This cost-competitive feeder is ideal for food contact water treatment. It can hold up to 95lbs av. Cl. and treats at a rate of 35lbs an hour. Since the feeder works with DryTec® Food-Grade Briquettes it is ideally suited for water treatment in fruit and vegetable and irrigation lines. The FG500 is a capital friendly solution which requires no electricity and minimal maintenance.

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  • Wide output range for varying conditions and uses
  • EPA Registered Briquettes
  • Food-Grade briquettes are NSF- certified for usage categories: BD, B1, D2, G4, G5, Q4
  • Longer shelf life than liquid bleach
  • Dry, easy to handle product form
  • Scale inhibitor for reliable performance
  • Feeder designed to minimize maintenance requirements
Drytec Fg500 Feeder

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