DryTec® IC5 Feed System

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Next generation feeder featuring proprietary erosion technology for fruit and vegetable water treatment applications

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Designed for commercial fruit and vegetable water treatment, the DryTec® IC5 Feeder featuring EPA-registered DryTec® FG Briquettes, provides reliable chlorine solutions. The DryTec® system delivers liquid-available chlorine for disinfection applications that kill bacteria, control algae and remove organic contaminants producing clean, clear, sanitized water.

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  • High Strength 65% minumum AvCl
  • Post-harvest water treatment for fruits and vegetables
  • Killing, removing and preventing mold and mildew
  • Food-Grade briquettes are NSF- certified for usage categories: BD, B1, D2, G4, G5, Q4
  • Reduced shipping and handling costs compared to liquid bleach
  • Minimal operator dosage adjustment
  • Dry, easy to handle product
  • Feeder designed to minimize maintenance requirements
Drytec Ic5 Feeder

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