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Next generation feeders for water treatment in Post-Harvest, Poultry, and Irrigation water

DryTec® Systems are uniquely built to address the demand for consistent, accurate chlorination in food, beverage and agricultural water treatment applications. DryTec® systems are used to consistently deliver liquid available chlorine to kill bacteria, control algae and remove organic contaminants. The feed systems work with unique briquettes that are formulated with a scale inhibitor, making them the convenient, easy-to-use solution.

DryTec is a leading provider of water treatment solutions for agricultural and food chain management solutions. Our products are NSF approved for food contact use, and designed from the ground-up to be reliable and affordable. We provide products and services to select and support the optimal solution for water disinfection needs. Our feed solutions offer wide output ranges and is designed for minimal maintenance. Our chemicals have a longer shelf life than liquid bleach, are EPA registered and NSF certified for food contact. The dry product form is easy to handle and includes a scale inhibitor for reliable performance.

Our dedication to innovation allows for low maintenance reliable water treatment solutions so you can focus on your core business. We are the leading provider of water treatment solutions for poultry, produce and irrigation line industries.

A next generation feeder featuring proprietary erosion technology for agriculture, poultry, and cooling tower water treatment applications. The DryTec® system delivers liquid-available chlorine for disinfection applications that kill bacteria, control algae and remove organic contaminants producing clean, clear, sanitized water. Learn more about a specific application by clicking the buttons below.

The FG500 is the ideal feeder for treatment of process water in produce and irrigation lines. Since the feeder works with DryTec® Food-Grade Briquettes it is ideally suited for water treatment in fruit and vegetable and irrigation lines. The FG500 is a capital friendly solution which requires no electricity and minimal maintenance.

DryTec® feeders use briquettes, chips, tablets or granules in the various feeders.  Learn more about DryTec® calcium hypochlorite products.

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