Equinox® Stabilizer

Equinox Stabilizer

Equinox® Stabilizer is a non-biocidal halogen stabilizing solution, designed to optimize the availability of active chlorine sources (sodium hypochlorite) in high chlorine demand, industrial process water applications. Specifically recommended for use in the paper making industry.

Equinox® Stabilizer is a unique product which ensures controlled availability of halogen during the paper-making process. By reducing interactions with sources of active halogen demand, Equinox® Stabilizer reduces the quantity of sodium hypochlorite used for slime control and maximizes compatibility with sensitive process additives (including optical brighteners, retention aids, wet and dry strength aids).Figure 1 - Equinox Chemical Structure

Drawing upon decades of experience in biocide treatment and halogen stabilization, Sigura™ developed Equinox® Stabilizer , a DMH-based (5, 5-dimethylhydantoin) halogen stabilizer to optimize halogen availability in papermaking operations. This solution enables paper and paperboard producers with an increased biocidal efficacy of chlorine, with minimal negative side effects such as corrosion and interference with other chemical additives. In addition, Equinox® Stabilizer is considered non-hazardous and does not require special handling procedures or licenses. When used in combination with hypochlorite, Equinox® Stabilizer offers multiple benefits:

  • Optimizes the availability of active halogen for penetration of biofilm.
  • Reduces bleach consumption.
  • Reduces potential for equipment corrosion.
  • Is compatible with other chemical treatment additives.
  • Is non-hazardous and environmentally friendly (reduces AOX in discharge water).

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Equinox® Stabilizer

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Biofilm inhibition after 72 hours growth

Any factors that risk downtime to operations or disruption of sensitive chemical processes in continuous papermaking production lines can be costly in terms of lost productivity or detrimental effects on product quality. It is imperative to discourage biofilm growth that can foul equipment surfaces, create hazardous working conditions, contaminate paper products, or produce visible stains that compromise product quality. Biofilm control is only one part of the story. It is also important to optimize that control without incurring additional financial and operational problems in the process.

The table and illustration below highlights the results of a test on biofilm growth in the presence of Equinox® Stabilizer and NaOCl; NaOCl at different concentrations and and untreated control.

Biofilm inhibition on Sphaerotilus Natans after 72 hours
5 ppm Equinox® Stabilizer: NaOCl
3% Growth
10 ppm NaOCI
28% Growth
5 ppm NaOCI
33% Growth
0 ppm Untreated
100% Growth

Sessile Slime Reduction – Test Conditions

  • Mass reduction measured gravimetrically
  • Untreated control is used as reference (100%)
  • Organism : Sphaerotilus Natans (ATCC 15291)
  • Batch test on orbital shaker
  • Solution : 5% CGY medium
  • Temperature : 22–30°C
Equinox Contamination Chart Comparison

*image for illustration purposes

Controlling Corrosive Environments

Using Equinox® Stabilizer at short loop and press section showers reduces volatile corrosive compounds especially at the dry sector resulting in the protection of assets.

(NH4)2SO4 + NaOCl

5810 : 185C

Nh4 So4 Naoci


5810 : 185A

Nh4Br + Naocl


5810 : 185D


Equinox® Stabilizer + NaOCl

5810 : 185B

Dmh + Naocl

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