Halogen Stabilizer

Aphelion™ Stabilizer

Aphelion™ Stabilizer – Designed to improve halogen efficiency in Cooling Systems
  • Provides excellent control in cooling systems with high cycles or long holding times
  • Recommended for all chlorine-treated cooling water systems  

Other major advantages can be enjoyed when compared to utilizing an oxidizer only:

  • Improves heat transfer efficiency via biofilm removal
  • Improves scale and corrosion inhibitor use and consumption
  • Improves chlorine stability vs. high pH
  • Helps the removal of biofilm as penetrating the sessile phase of the microbial developments

Equinox® Stabilizer

Equinox™ Stabilizer maximizes halogen stability in the presence of high halogen demand. Through this fully reversible stabilization of the active ingredient, it enhances biofilm control, ensuring fast-kill of planktonic bacteria as well as promoting a reduction in corrosion. Implementation of Equinox™ Stabilizer technology reduces the practice of excessive feed of chlorine and reduces the production of unwanted disinfection by-products.

Benefits when used in the Papermaking process, in conjunction with hypochlorite: 

  • Significantly improves bacterial efficacy of hypochlorite solutions in pulp slurries
  • Improves material integrity by lowering vapor phase corrosion compared to other halogen stabilization methods
  • Lower equipment and maintenance costs
  • Lowers the consumption of oxidizing compounds (as less readily consumed by organics)
  • Reduces the predisposition for AOX generation
  • Product is applied via a dosing pump; no specialized feeders required