Applications of Calcium Hypochlorite in Cooling Towers


Learn what makes Calcium Hypochlorite a cost effective, solid biocide option for treating cooling towers where liquid bleach presents degradation and/or handling issues. 

For continuous or remedial cooling tower hyperchlorination disinfection treatment, discover the best applications of Calcium Hypochlorite by downloading the free whitepaper today!

Calcium Hypochlorite Whitepaper


Fouling of cooling towers by microbiological growth can lead to operational issues such as increased corrosion and decreased heat transfer efficiency. Since some microorganisms produce noxious odors, they may also be a nuisance. More importantly, some microorganisms such as Legionella are pathogenic and have been known to cause disease outbreaks.

The primary groups of microorganisms found in cooling towers are algae, fungi and bacteria. The microorganisms may be introduced from the makeup water, process water leaks, and from the air that is “scrubbed” in the cooling tower. These organisms may be free floating in the water (i.e. planktonic), but most likely they will be present in the form of biofilm (i.e. sessile). Biofilms protect microorganisms, reduce heat transfer efficiency, and promote corrosion, so any cooling tower treatment program needs to minimize biofilm formation.
Cooling tower operators have a number of technologies available to them for controlling microorganisms in cooling towers. Cooling tower biocides are typically broken down into two groups: oxidizing and non-oxidizing. Oxidizing biocides including chlorine are a mainstay of cooling tower treatment due to their broad spectrum of activity and fast kill rates. There are a variety of oxidizing biocides available, so an operator can choose which disinfectant best fits their system and treatment program objectives. 

Each of these products has its advantages and disadvantages. Operators can choose whichever option has the properties they require, depending on their cooling water system, their storage facilities, and environmental discharge permits.

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